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Like so many of us entrepreneurs, the desire to own your own business has been in our hearts for so many years. It just takes that final leap of faith that only business owners make to turn an idea into a thriving business. That is all it took for us to create Your Answer Solutions Center. Hector and I talked about starting our own business for years but what could we do to support our family of 5? I told him the only thing I could bring to the table was my 20+ years of experience in the call center industry. But we didn’t just want to become another call center among the thousands of already successful call centers competing in an already competitive market. So, what could we do to make us different, how could we stand out? For those of you who have met Hector, you know that he is from Mexico. He has extensive knowledge of business and the Hispanic culture. We started thinking, what could we do to merge our talents and make a successful Call Center.


I knew that call centers in the US needed strong Spanish and English Speaking agents. But to hire agents that were strong in both areas was a challenge. Either, they were good at English and not that great at Spanish, or they were great in Spanish but didn’t have strong English grammar skills, and those skilled in both areas were basically out of the agent salary range. We came up with the idea to support Call Centers that have a need for English and Spanish speaking agents. Agents that could handle both and make it very affordable for call centers in the US and Canada. Spanish speaking agents that could handle English calls just as well as those with English as their first language. This would provide Call Centers with a productive agent that could also handle Spanish calls. Agents who are dedicated and trained just as in-house agents in the client’s call center and able to connect remotely. Clients would have bilingual remote agents without all the headaches of managing remote agents.

We became a Solution to Call Center’s needs. Call Centers that need Spanish and English Speaking agents at a reasonable, affordable cost. Your Answer Solutions Center, our call center located in Mexico, was born.


We approached our first call center with the idea. They loved it!! But of course, were a little reluctant to become our first client. They just signed on a big client of their own and were concerned about going over 50 employees and losing their Small Business status. They wanted to just “try us out” with only 2 or 3 agents to start. But that was okay, it was our foot in the door. After a few months, the client increased to 10 agents. Before their first year with us they were up to 15 agents. And within 18 months of being with us, we were up to 25 agents. We indeed had become a solution to their problem. They were now able to sign on more clients needing bilingual agents. Their current clients were coming to them asking “Can you handle Spanish calls?” And they could say “Yes” without any hesitation. Their growth was our growth.

We will have another year in business on June 15th,  Ironically the same day as Hector’s birthday. We attended our first NAEO Conference with a favorable response. It is so exciting to hear from other entrepreneurs that they love the idea and have a need for it in their own call center. We are looking forward to continuing to support other call centers as we grow what started out as only a dream.