How can you get the most out of your next coaching session?

Coaching is a process that helps improve the performance of workers in most service companies. Coaching is focused on the now. It requires examining what we did in the past, changing it to apply to what we are doing now, and finally, directing it to what we will continue executing in the future. Coaching brings specific benefits to the workers and produces stronger assistance.

  1. Identify your goals and area of focus.
    Be prepared to let the coach know what goals you want to work on during the coaching.
  2. Keep the coaching session documented.
    Have a journal, folder, or way to keep the session documented. Write down the areas you want to work on with your coach. The coach will help you find ways to improve and look at different approaches to problems. Take notes to remember what the coach is teaching you.
  3. Be open.
    It is important to be open and honest with your coach. Coach and coachee must trust each other and have a good relationship to find the best way to identify and resolve problems.
  4. Be prepared to be challenged.
    The coach will challenge you with questions and put you in situations that may take you out of your comfort zone. You must be prepared to get creative and find different ways to solve new problems and navigate new situations.
  5. Expect changes.
    Don’t get too comfortable in how you’re solving problems now. Problems and issues are always changing. You must anticipate encountering new problems and be prepared to learn new methods and skills.

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