To provide quality service, we must work together; that’s why Operators, Quality Assurance and even the IT department need to be coordinated.

As QA provides feedback and advice to the Operators, the IT department needs to make sure that footages from their shifts are well recorded. A video cropped incorrectly, or with no audio, will hinder the QA team to do their jobs properly. Therefore, operators won’t have their most recent feedback.

Remember that before starting your shift, you have to be sure you’re recording properly so you can have feedback.


  • Start your recording on time. (that means when your shift starts).
  • Only IT is allowed to stop the recording while you are still on your shift.
  • You have to record all your calls during the shift, even extra hours.
  • You are allowed to stop your recording ONLY when your shift ends.
  • If something goes wrong with your recording software, please do not hesitate to reach IT to check it out.
  • Please do not change any configuration settings from your recording software.
  • Please allow us to make sure your recording is working well when we pass by to check it out.
  • Do not disconnect your headset without assistance from IT, since your recording software would have to be reconfigured.