Holiday music and colorful turkeys are slowly beginning creeping their way back into offices everywhere. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season are upon us! One of the most anticipated times of the year can often create confusion for some in the workplace like, “How loud is too loud to play Christmas Music?” or “How many days can turkey last in the office fridge?” and “How much is too much weight to gain over the next four weeks?”

Here are a few reminders of what the season—once again—brings to the workplace and how to make it through.

Respect for Others Goes a Long Way

Not everyone is going to have the same standpoint about the holidays. It is nice to be courteous and respectful of all points of view, especially in an office setting.

This holiday might be, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” but it is also a lot of hard work. If you find yourself barely surviving, look back on these tips and put them to the test.

Gift-giving is important but do it reasonably.

Most people would rather not exchange gifts with coworkers, so if you decide on giving any gifts, keep them small (low cost) or opt for doing something for the entire department, such as baking or purchasing a dessert that everyone can share.

Wake Up A Bit Earlier This Holiday Season

There is nothing more comforting than laying in a cozy, warm bed for a few extra minutes on those cold mornings. However, with Daylight Savings Time kicking in (and reclaiming that extra hour of sleepy-sleep) it would be a great time for getting into the habit of waking up a few minutes earlier. Let’s face it, the holidays can be hectic and it’s easy to fall behind on our daily responsibilities, causing us to push back our bedtime as well as our waking time. Yet if you make it a priority to keep a strict bedtime, just like when we were children, it will become much easier to wake up earlier.

Don’t Skip the Workouts This Holiday Season

There’s no better time to focus on your physical health than when the daylight fades and the temperatures drop. Yes, it may be tempting to cheat on the workout days during the holiday season, just remember it will become harder to start back up after the holidays have passed. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the cookie AND get some exercise and fresh air. Sneaking a little exercise into your daily routine doesn’t require drastic adjustment… keep it simple and you’ll thank yourself later.

Express gratitude

Being grateful increases happiness and motivation. Take a couple of minutes each day to write down what makes you thankful, and express gratitude to the people around you.

Have a safe and happy holiday season from YASC!


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