At YASC, we take pride in keeping all personnel updated in the language we work with every day.

The Silver Team is a recognition program that acknowledges the effort and dedication put in English lessons.

Each month, four nominees are selected based on these four qualities:

– Always Being on time.

  (Consistency keeps learning fluid and helps us get you ready faster)

-Attentive in class.

(Having our minds in a different matter, interrupts the learning process; be ready to focus in the classroom)

-Have a good attitude and be receptive during feedback.

(We know you care about the customer, let us keep you aware of the little things you might´ve missed)

 -Show progress during the period assessed.

(it´s time to get those classroom hours to work, use what you learned)

Helping Hand.

We realized that a key element for improvement is classroom time; it is of great importance to keep ourselves updated. Sometimes we overlook certain areas in our speech, use of grammar, attentive listening or writing skills which damage the way we communicate with the customer, so it´s helpful having people around us with a different perspective; this helps us see things that we are unable to see because we are focused on the task at hand.

Get rid of bad habits.

For Learners of English, there´s a good chance you have a few words or phrases that were never corrected by you or your teacher; and over time you have become accustomed to using them. In linguistics, it´s called fossilization.

The first step is to become aware there´s a problem with your speech, then practice the correct way to use the language through activities in the classroom, and finally, use that knowledge in your work.