How Your Posture Affects Your Voice

Is your voice not strong enough?  Do you have difficulty with callers not hearing you?  Voice fatigue? One reason may be because your core is weak and your posture inefficient. Whether you are sitting or standing.

Do you ever find yourself having difficulty breathing or speaking? Here are some tips you can use when you need to use your voice to your advantage.


1 – Engage your Abs

Engaging the lower abdominal muscles, in particular your transverse abdominis, helps support the back. Try this:  Place your tongue on the back of your upper teeth and make the “thhh” sound. Hold for 5 seconds then rest 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times, twice a day (morning and evening). You can also use this trick as you move throughout your day.


2 – Find your Center of Balance

Stand with your feet close together and rock forward onto the balls of your feet, then back towards your heel. Make sure you are moving from the ankles and not the hips. Repeat this several times daily.


3 – Be Mindful of Your Sitting and Standing Posture

Whenever you’re in the seated position, try these tips to regain your posture and improve sitting comfort:

  • Place your knees lower than your hips, a wedge pillow under can help.
  • Use a lumbar support pad behind your lower back to support the normal curvature of the spine and promote proper posture.
  • Choose a firm chair instead of a soft one which will compromise the position of your back.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor, and don´t cross your legs.
  • Remaining sit most of your day will set you up for a boatload of issues.


4- Breathe from your Diaphragm

Breathing – sounds simple, right?  Breathing is an unconscious activity that keeps us alive; but when moving around, talking or exercising; your breathing has to coordinate with your core stability and movement, and that could take some practice.


Here’s an exercise you can do:

  •  -Lie on your back with your knees bent.
  •  -Engage abs, as instructed above, pulling your belly button down towards the spine.
  •  -Place your hand on your upper belly, breathe into your hand and through your nose expanding your belly first, and then your chest.
  • -Then exhale through your mouth while keeping your abs engaged.

Repeat these steps 5 times. When you are successful at doing this exercise while lying down, do it again in a seated and a standing position as well.