The fun and energetic environment that characterizes YASC, is formed by marvelous people, who paints the ‘YASC-walls’ with positivism and good vibes, every day.

At YASC we recognize effort and dedication and on this occasion we want to celebrate 3 very special people, who has formed part of the YASC family for 2 years now!  They go by the nickname ‘The Monster Squad’… let’s get to know them a little better!


  1. How did you start working at YASC?

John:My ex-roommate, recommended me. I started training with Mayra and Omar… and the rest is history.”

Mayra: “I was looking for somewhere to put my English to good use and I came across this opportunity on-line.”

Omar: “I saw the position in ‘CompuTrabajo’ in April 2017. I applied, but they didn’t call me so I decided to call and call again (like twice a week, every week, until they got tired of me… I think!) until finally they told me to attend an interview at our former office.”

  1. What was your first impression of YASC?

John: “Everyone was really friendly and very helpful.”

Mayra: “That it has a warm family-environment.”

Omar: “Well, our former office was a house without a logo. After the lady, who was going to interview me said: ‘I don´t know how to do this.’, I was actually thinking of leaving that very moment. Thank God I didn´t! Now, I can say that I’m part of this wonderful family and I was (and still am…) a part of ‘The Monster Squad’ (John, Mayra, Ernie and I).

  1. Currently, what do you love most about YASC?

John: “Being able to interact with almost everyone every day. Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces, just brightens up my days.”

Mayra: “The challenges it offers.”

Omar: “The environment that everyone helped to build over the years. The fact that there is always someone to assist you. That we are always growing together and that together, we strive to be the best we can be.”

  1. How have you grown professional and personally, during your time at YASC?

John: “Every time I help with the training of a new operator, I tell them that everything you learn in YASC can be applied in your day to day life.”

Mayra:Professionally: I’ve learned how to handle people over the phone.

                Personally: I’ve learned how to deal with frustration.”


Omar: “I think that I’m more tolerant – trying to remember that you can´t always control everything, there are bound to be some things that remind us just how small we really are (mother nature or life).”

  1. Tell us about something funny that has happened to you during your time at YASC:

John: “It was the Christmas of 2017, we were still in the former office and we thought that because it was Christmas, only we (Call experts) were taking calls. Suddenly we heard a really loud scream and we lost control! We went outside and realized that we were not alone! One of the other agents got scared and screamed!”

Mayra: “In our 1st week taking calls, ‘The Squad’ and I ordered some pizza on a Friday. Our shift started early the next morning… but then we got sick – a foodborne illness! A true near-death experience! (Hard to believe because it was from ‘Pizza Hut’!). Now you can just imagine how much fun our 6am shift was the next day. Never eating pizza from ‘Pizza Hut’ again… EVER!”

Omar: “The Friday of our first week taking calls, we ordered a pizza to celebrate that we finished our training successfully. It was the worst idea ever; it gave us a severe case of food poisoning and we were on medication for two weeks! However, we were all on time for our shift that started at 6am the next morning.”

  1. Which unique qualities do you possess that facilitates your work at YASC?

John: “I am honest, friendly, empathetic and I think what helps me the most, is the fact that I care about people.”

Mayra: “I’m creative, I learn fast and I have a positive attitude. There’s always something new to be learnt and done.”

Omar: “I try to be responsible and I am systematic. I always try to create a system that makes my life easier, when I need to do something.”

  1. Being one of the operators with more antiquity in the company, what advice can you share with our new family members about YASC-life?

John: “Enjoy the ride! YASC is a great family. At YASC we take care of each other, so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. You are all appreciated.”

Mayra: “Never forget who you are, where you come from and what your priorities are. Stay positive and don’t take things too personal or too serious.”

Omar: “Enjoy your ‘today’, having learnt from your yesterdays and not thinking about tomorrow. Just enjoy and don’t let anything erase the smile from your face, it’s not worth it.”

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