Taking calls with YASCttitud!


You’ve all heard about YASCttitud; maybe you related it to something positive – a general great attitude. But what is the essence YASCttitud? How does one obtain YASCttitud?


Being a good agent requires much more than mere, good communication skills. It is accepting responsibility when talking to a client. Keep in mind that you represent the company, that you are the one who can give the client the attention what he/she needs – and that you are able to help the client solve their problems and leave them with a pleasant experience.


When it comes to providing the best customer service, there are certain tips that can help you enhance your communication skills and abilities.


  1. Get personal…

Add a personal touch… clients appreciate you taking the time to personalize the call. Give them your name, say good morning, good afternoon or good evening – these details make the difference and transform the service into a warm and friendly experience.

  1. Show good manners.

Be polite. Always greet your caller cheerfully, use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, identify yourself – let them know who they will be having a conversation with. Try, where possible, not to interrupt the caller. When you are forced to interrupt, do it as kindly as you can. Remember to treat your clients like you would expect to be treated in a similar situation.

  1. Use correct phrasing.

Use the correct grammar and phrasing, avoid typos and phrasing mistakes. Formulate your sentences correctly. For example, “May I ask you to repeat the last name for me please ma’am?” “Would you be so kind as to spell the street name for me please Phillip?” “Thank you so much for your patience Kirsten.”

  1. Smile

A smile can influence people’s perception of you and customer satisfaction increases. Smiling says that we want to be here – doing what we do, serving our clients and callers with care. It’s interpreted as us being ready and willing to go the extra mile. The smile can most definitely be heard and this is a big part of excellent Customer Service.

  1. Tone of voice

A warm, sincere and friendly tone of voice will make the client feel comfortable and increase your confidence. Be careful of the speed at which you speak, avoid a boring and monochromatic tone. Control your voice volume, speak clearly at all times (avoid mumbling) and speak directly into the headset’s microphone. Be calm and attentive during calls.

  1. Stay positive (always display positive attitude).

The person you are talking to, has a need – they are asking for a service. It is not always enough just to be empathetic. Sometimes the person on the other side of the phone needs us to be positive about the situation they are in. This will assure them that they are receiving the best service possible at that time.

  1. Stay focused.

Do not be distracted by other activities while speaking to a client, avoid rustling papers, chewing gum, eating and speaking with someone else. Always treat every caller with the utmost courtesy and respect, by giving them your undivided attention.

  1. Behave! Good conduct on and off calls.

Even if you are not on a call, you can provide good customer service. But how is that possible? In a call center, there’s always someone answering a call. Be respectful of your coworkers and their clients through proper behavior. Don’t talk too loudly, don’t interrupt anyone, don’t make movements that can distract others in any way.

  1. Image check!

The correct voice modulation is easier to obtain when you maintain a well taken care of physical appearance, with good posture while sitting behind your desk. Good posture helps with the correct modulation of the voice and allows correct oxygenation, which helps you to avoid feeling fatigued and without energy.

  1. Be clean… maintain a clean work space.

Keep your workspace clean and tidy. Turn it into a comfortable and positive space for you, with things that you like and that motivates you. This will undoubtedly help you to stay in a more positive mood and that, in turn, will be reflected in each call by means of the fist-class service you provide clients with.


Now you know everything there is to know about YASCttitud. Let’s be YASCtastic and surprise our clients with the best service they have ever received… or ever will receive!