Customer service involves much more than just answering questions over the phone.

There are important customer service skills that are associated with phone support, such as empathy, the ability to “read” a customer’s emotional state, clear communication and friendliness. However, emotional cues are much harder to ‘read’ in writing. This is why we need additional skills, to develop new channels and improve upon the existing ones.

Entrusted with the demanding task of pleasing and appeasing customers, the agents are on the front lines of customer service.


PATIENCECustomers may be frustrated when they make contact, so patience is certainly a virtue every agent needs to have. We know that is not always easy to keep calm, but agents should also put customers at ease by explaining a solution calmly and patiently while remembering that customers do not always possess the technical knowledge needed to resolve an issue.

TIMELINESSAgents should be swift in responding to inquiries and prepared to switch to another channel if a certain case needs more attention. Deliveries and additional tasks should be handled promptly.

CLEAR COMMUNICATION Agents need to strike a balance between giving thorough answers, using a professional vocabulary, and being conversational and approachable all at the same time. Customers do need that human touch, and it’s always important to make introductions at the outset. However, always remember that they value their time.

EMPATHY – Is among the most important customer service skills. We cannot always tell the caller exactly what they want to hear, but we can empathize with them and we can try and understand and relate to their concerns. A frustrated customer definitely needs attention and reassurance, but even satisfied customers need attention.

KNOWLEDGE ABOUT PRODUCTS AND SERVICESAmong the essential customer service skills is simply possessing the knowledge to discuss products and services.

POSITIVE ATTITUDEUsing positive language that reflects confidence in finding a solution is important. No matter how upset a customer might be, agents must find a way to keep a positive attitude.

ATTENTIVE LISTENINGIf a customer wishes to explain a situation in detail, agents need to be willing to listen.  Attentive listening is critical to show respect for a customer’s opinion and offering them the best eventual solution.

ORGANIZATION – During customer service exchanges, agents must be organized at all times to deliver timely service. Organization is vital to taking notes in a timely manner and delivering great service.

ADAPTABILITYOf the most essential customer service skills, adaptability to changing situations is crucial. Agents need to be ready to handle varying customer demands, possible technical issues, switching to other channels, and the like. One service interaction may completely differ from another, so a readiness to go with the flow and adapt as needed is an important skill to master.



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