By Mariel Alzina.

Hello, I have been wanting to write this article about TEAMWORK since it is something really  important to me. The concept of TEAM makes the environment enjoyable and gives effective results that reflects on ourselves, on our professional life and it makes it easier to reach our goals .






Teamwork is not about what I can get from a certain relationship; it’s about what I can contribute to a certain relationship to make it better.

It’s helping out a teammate without expecting anything in exchange. Helping someone creates trust, establishes communication and produces tolerance – these are important building blocks in forging lasting relationships. It encourages and it works together to reach success; it also grants support when necessary. It’s important to keep in mind that ‘coming-together’ is a process.


As teammates we should:



– Always do the best you can. Don’t focus on the outcome or results. Be your best, for yourself and your team, every day.



– It takes time and lots of positive energy to be a great teammate. Your team doesn’t care about you being a super star – they care about you being a super teammate. When you make an effort to help others the team will definitely improve.



– Believe in yourself. Believe in your team. Believe in what you can do together! When you believe in your team members, their self confidence will increase and performance will excel.



– We don’t give up because it’s difficult! We often give up because we get discouraged. Your team members need encouragement. Encourage each other. Speak life into one another – we all need encouragement. Remember, when you encourage your team members you share with them the positivity they need to keep moving forward.



– The word is defined as “a person who has a strong liking for and trust in another person: a person who helps or supports someone else”. Being a friend to your team members means you support and help them. You let them know that you are there for them.



– No matter what challenges you are confronted with, believe the best is yet to come! Don’t focus on your setbacks and challenges. Learn from them and know that your vision and optimism are greater than your circumstances. Envision a positive future and work along with your team members to create it.



– Not everyone on your team is like you. It’s important to respect your team members for who they are and for the unique contribution each of them make.



– You can give…or you can take. Choose to be a giver and fuel yourself and your team with pure, positive energy.



– One of the most rewarding aspects about forming part of a team, is the opportunity to elevate others, and to experience being elevated by people that cares about you. When you motivate your team members and they motivate you, anything is possible. Teams full of positive energy who motivates each other, becomes a powerful force.

Team motivation makes the work much easier, it makes your work environment all the more comfortable and you’ll like the work you do much more.


I understand that we can get along better with some than others, but remember that you shouldn’t lose fellowship with others.


We can define the big difference between being an employee and being a teammate as:



is one who works together with everyone in a positive manner to get the job done the best possible way.



is one who does just enough to keep their job, while complying with the principals of what’s right and fair.


Lets be a Teammate!!!


As ‘teammates’, we should be ONE BIG GROUP –  instead of a couple little groups. We should be united!

We are all part of the YASC FAMILY! If as much as one member does not work in harmony, the performance of others and the environment will be negatively effected. However, as a family – which we are – when another member of our family is running low on positive energy – we must support each other, as we have created strong bonds. I am sure that everyone will be there for whomever needs support until they can get back up again.