By Omar Zúniga

The ‘Honor Society’ initiative is not a new idea. We’ve had the ‘Operator of the Week’ since the house in Campestre where everything started. The result was usually sent out by mail and as a reward, management gave some candy to the best agent of every week. However, when we moved to our new house, the initiative was placed on hold.

As time went by, we gained new clients and new teams were formed. We noticed that each team had one or two agents with excellent performance. Those operators were recognized, but mostly among the leaders and their teammates; still, we wanted to give them more!

The QA Monitoring system was analyzed and updated, as we came across new details that could be included to help us automatically obtain the best operators of each team, every week.

Initially, we recognized the best agent of each team. Though we soon realized that there would always be other agents who will have outstanding performance as well! We certainly did not want to miss out on the opportunity to recognize those agents who form part of the list of Honorable Mentions every week.

When we first started publishing the ‘Honor Society’, it was made up of almost the same agents every week. Lately, it has been very gratifying to see that more and more operators make an appearance in it. They are now recognized by each and every member of the YASC-Family for their effort and excellent example.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is hard work, with a lot of ups and downs, but it is really satisfying to see how each of the members of the YASC-Family wants to grow and advance, all the while aiming at seeing their own names written in gold!