The central reason customers may not return boils down to poor service – not pricing or product. Agents give every one of our customers a reason to come back.

That is the power of the talent.

Every single employee at the solution center has the ability to impact interactions with customers. Even more importantly, not just that individual call, but the lifetime value of that caller. If treated well, that caller will continue to utilize the service, talk wonders about the company and in return, profit the organization. Each one of you makes a diference (a huge one for that matter). At YASC, we are aware you are all on your way to become customer service experts and are giving your best every day; however, we also believe a refresher is needed every once in a while.

We put down a few of the basics to remind everyone how talented, smart and powerful.they are.


Yes, we know you´ve heard it before but it´s true. Your smile can be heard. What makes a difference is that happy and positive mentality. Not only will it help shift your attitude and vocal tone, but it will help you feel energetic and that you got this (you do!). Smile guys, it´s free.

Don´t doubt your ability

It is not a new discovery that customers expect a top-notch service. We know that, you know that and they know that. No space for arguments that lead anywhere else. Even if the service you represent is the best in the world, if communicated incorrectly, will leave the caller with a spotted image of the brand that´s pretty hard to clean up.

Going the extra mile is worth it

The expectations of our callers should never be compromised. Exceeding expectations is the goal. It is the formula for relations that last and our way to become a positive advocate for the brand. It is only natural a mishap may occur. After all, we are all human beings. However, being there for the caller when they are in need for support is what matters.


Got time?

In this day and age, we are all hurrying from one place to the next. Average handle time low and customer service high. We know all about frustrated callers and limited time. We have the responsibility to resolve their issues since the moment they dial.